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DWK ARCHIVE: Pumpkin Bundt Cake

pumpkin bundt cake

I loved my old blog, Dinner with Kirsten, and even though I’ve moved onto this new and improved site, I still like my old recipes. So, I’m moving my favorites over! Please excuse the old writing style and less-than-stellar photography. Heck, I’m still working to improve my photos, but looking back it’s encouraging to see that I have made some improvement since 2008.

My sister bought me a bundt cake pan as a present years ago, and I absolutely love it. But, I’ve only actually used the pan a handful of times. I lugged it from Nebraska to New York, then from my apartment to Geoff’s, and it has been sitting neglected in his cupboard ever since.

Every once in a while, riffling through cupboards looking for some dish or utensil, I bump into my bundt cake pan. Our encounters transpire like fleeting unexpected run-ins with old friends: We are happy to see each other and resolve to get together soon, but then we never follow through. Continue reading