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Soft Gingerbread Cookies


I’ve been trying not to go crazy with holiday sweets this year, since I’m pregnant and trying to eat healthy (oh, the pressures of eating for two!). But last week I decided to make cookies for Geoff’s work… And if I got to eat a few cookies here and there, I figured I couldn’t feel too guilty considering I did all the baking, right? Still, just to be safe, because I know the limits of my own self control, I decided to make the relatively harmless (I couldn’t bring myself to type the word “healthy” here), yet traditional and fun gingerbread cookies. Continue reading

Classic Cornbread Recipe

cornbread recipe

When Geoff says “chili,” I say “cornbread!” There’s nothing better with spicy, savory chili than a big hunk of soft, sweet cornbread. For our last game-day chili dinner, I went for a classic, no-frills cornbread, quick and simple.

I used to use box mixes to make cornbread all the time, but I don’t really know why, since recipes like this are pretty much just as easy as any mix would be. Even though I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with more embellished cornbreads in the future – sweeter, cheesier, cast-iron-baked – I’m glad to have this stand-by recipe in my back pocket, for days when I just want some cornbread, and fast!

And even after chili night is over, I love nibbling on cornbread topped with jam or honey for breakfast, an afternoon snack or even dessert. You just can’t go wrong. Continue reading