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DWK ARCHIVE: Cinnamon Rolls (Almost like Grandma’s)

I loved my old blog, Dinner with Kirsten, and even though I’ve moved onto this new and improved site, I still like my old recipes. So, I’m moving my favorites over! Please excuse the old writing style and less-than-stellar photography. Heck, I’m still working to improve my photos, but looking back it’s encouraging to see that I have made some improvement since 2008.

I discovered, through the course of random conversation, that Geoff had never had a homemade cinnamon roll. This boggled my mind! When I was young, my Grandma Lois would alternate between making cinnamon rolls and kolaches almost every weekend.

Grandma Lois was not a recipe filer by nature. She owned hundreds of cookbooks full of dog-eared pages and sticky notes, she had drawers and drawers of hand-written recipes and clippings from newspapers and magazines stuffed into books and “filed” randomly. Grandpa Ernie complained that she could never make the same recipe twice, even the good ones—they would get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, she knew family favorites by heart (with maybe a cheat sheet or two taped inside a cupboard door). But now that she’s gone I’m constantly on the look-out for Grandma-Lois-like recipes, and Geoff’s cinnamon roll predicament posed a new challenge.

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